How to help

There are two primary ways to support Mentores Solidarios: be a mentor to one or more students or make a donation to help us cover operating costs and provide additional educational opportunities.

As a mentor, you will:

  • Support your assigned student economically. Yearly sponsorships range from US$ 300 and US$ 500 per year (depending on the particular school), and include tuition, school fees, textbooks and uniforms. 

    • Payments can be made directly in our offices, through a bank transfer, or by credit card (via phone or online).
    • We require a US$ 180 deposit at the beginning of the year to subscribe as a mentor. Most of the upfront costs occur between the first few months of the year. 
    • The remaining payments can be made throughout the year in automatic monthly payments
    • We expect a five year commitment
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to the sponsored student. Mentores Solidarios will send you the student's grades every three months and the mentors are asked to to follow-up on the students' performance.  

    • We request that the mentors maintain regular contact with the students they sponsor (either through personal visits, phone or email)
    • We invite the mentor to a yearly gathering event in Nicaragua and other activities


Please click the corresponding button below if you want to become a Mentor or make a donation:

Become a Mentor for a Student      Donate for Operative Cost